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I offer all kinds of counseling services geared towards women:

East meets West

I look from a psychological, holistic and spiritual perspective at your situation. I am schooled in traditional psychology, but also Tantric exercises and I know a lot about astrology and relationship dynamics. I’m not a psychic, but I do use my intuition and common sense to guide you through your challenging circumstances.

I found especially that I’m attracted in combining science with holistic methods that give the best results. Just science is blend and doesn’t give the right result, just holism can come across as flaky or not grounded. So a combination of both gives a nice blend that I feel works and I can work with it.

​I studied a lot of different fields that are related to each other, which is why I want to explain to you that everything is related and connected. Some things might seem unrelated but if you look at the big picture it all makes sense. I use an integrative holistic view, combining Eastern and Western knowledge.

I have extensive knowledge in Astrology, since it is one of my first passions since I grew up. I am schooled in Western and Vedic Astrology and like to combine meanings to understand what is showing underneath the surface of someones personality or life.

I also use Palmistry and Tarot to give guidance and find answers for life questions. This can be a nice trigger to check into your subconscious and let your subconscious guide you a bit in life if you have some trouble understanding a certain situation.

For more physical situations I use Guided Meditation, Ayurveda (Food & Nutrition), and for emotional situations I can also use Counseling and Coaching. I’m skilled in Western and Eastern ways of thinking, because of my own growing up in a western culture as an eastern person. For this reason I connect well to both Eastern and Western people. I’m also non-judgmental and open for all kinds of people, please feel free and welcome to contact me with any of your questions or concerns!

I also have related knowledge and skills in Massage and Chakra Therapy. If you are interested, feel free to ask about the possibilities. In general I try to combine as much knowledge as possible in a session, so you will feel nurtured when you go home. Because I know more about different related fields, I can also help you with related issues that might be connected to another issue that you might talk about in a session. This gives a holistic view on your situation, which can help contribute to the solutions.

Off course counseling is a form of client-centered therapy, and there is always enough space to talk about your situation. However, do keep in mind that effective counseling is also about healing the pains and confronting yourself to go through the pains, so they can dissolve.